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September, 2007:

Thank you for all the get-well notes after I broke my arm and couldn’t publish an August issue. I’m mending well, though a long way from healed–but I can drive, type, dress myself, and even cook again. Now if I could figure out a comfortable way to sleep that didn’t irritate my shoulder…

Main Article: PPC, Part 2: Keyword/Key Phrase Analysis

What search terms can you inexpensively dominate–that people are actually searching for?

Get Paid to Travel

Daniel Hall, known for his program on how to get gigs on cruise ships, has collaborated with Gina Henry-Cook to put together a series of videos exploring a number of ways to get paid to travel (everyone’s dream, right?). Everything from being a mystery shopper to leading tours to running your own eBay-based import-export business. Don’t be put off by the bad grammar on the sales page–the videos have great information and good grammar. (affiliate link).

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